Admissions Process

Our admissions process is built to help guide parents and children through the daily operations of our center. In this process, the administrator will review all enrollment documents then tour the center.

This is also the first opportunity for us to meet the children who are enrolling and introduce them to their new learning environment. 

ALL preliminary childcare documents must be completed prior to the official enrollment of each child. If you have any questions concerning the enrollment paperwork, please just let us know and we will help assist you with it.

Enrollment Documents

  • Registration Form
  • Child Health Form
  • Official Medical Records (ALL FORMS MUST be signed by a licensed Physician or Nurse Practitioner, submitted within 30 days from admission and updated every year. If the parents/guardians do not have this document, their child CANNOT remain in the class.)
  • Private Pay Childcare Documents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Registration Fee: $25


  we also provide the following For children:

Safe Transportation (Pick up and drop off to local schools age 5-10) (First 2 Months FREE)

Healthy meals made fresh every day (breakfast snack, lunch, dinner)

Language Skills: English, Spanish

Tutoring & Homework Help

Art, Science, Geography

Practical life programs

Reading and Writing

Lots of play 

Free Hugs

Toilet Training

Socialization for Kids

Field Trips (age 3 & Up)

Gross and Fine Motor Development

Multicultural Learning Environment

Positive Behavior Management and Guidance

Spring, Summer and School Break Day Camps (Age 5+)

* All of our staff is Certified in First Aid, FOODSAFE, and are able to administer EpiPens®.